Weight Changes and Fashion Woes

Weight fluctuations often go hand and hand with medication changes. Not only is it depressing to feel your once baggy pants cling to you, it’s also expensive buying a whole new wardrobe! I now have a wardrobe of skinny “Wellbutrin/Topamax” clothes, and I currently need a new (temporary) antipsychotic/”Depabloat” wardrobe. I long to wear my skinny jeans, but alas they are too tight at the moment, and the feeling of them smooshing my thighs completely ruins my day.

I haven’t been well enough to work full-time lately, so I don’t have the resources to buy loads of expensive new pants. Enter ♥ Value Village ♥ This store is a saving grace for those going through the “temporary med changes/weight fluctuation” situation! I ended up buying two pairs of very nice “fat” jeans for only $18! I felt an immediate sense of relief wearing pants that were on the roomy side, and not having to stress to find something to wear for work. I highly recommend checking out your local Value Village if you’re in desperate need of new clothes (and no, unfortunately, I’m not getting paid to write this.)

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