Vamoose Valproic Acid!

I vowed to give Valproic Acid (VPA) a proper trial- at least two full weeks before I decided whether or not to continue with it, but I quit! I cannot stand it any longer.

 I have to hand it to VPA, however; it is a really great anti-manic drug. It brought me down from the clouds quickly, even on a low dose. It definitely has its place. The plan was to switch from Latuda to VPA, as my main mood stabilizer; however, I felt better solely on Latuda. I’ll just have to work harder to fight the antipsychotic induced apathy/anhedonia.
How did I feel on VPA? Tired is an understatement. I usually sleep 7 or 8 hours a night but I was sleeping 11 or 12 and still felt fatigued. This is a huge problem because I work on-call and receive phone calls in the evening for work assisgnments. I couldn’t stay up  late enough so I missed out on a lot of work opportunities, which I can’t afford.
At the same time as feeling weak/fatigued I also felt extremely nervous. My heart was constantly racing and my whole body would tremble before work. Socializing? As if. I’d even panic at Value Village being surrounded by people. As for weight, I initially lost 2lbs. but now I’ve gained that back, plus more. It’s definitely a “fat” pill as the research indicates. Despite eliminating sugar from my diet, eating mostly vegetables, exercising daily, and eating approximately 1100-1500 calories a day, I gained a pound- I know, a whole pound #firstworldproblems- but if I continued on this drug, I could for see major weight gain despite all my efforts. That’s a deal breaker right there.

So here I am again, that annoying, non-compliant psych patient refusing to take her meds. I am still on Latuda though, so hopefully that’ll keep things stable enough.

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