I’m Still Alive

I have neglected this blog for quite awhile, sorry readers! I am still alive and sticking with recovery, learning more and more everyday. Many things have changed since my last post, which I will address in subsequent posts, as they require more attention. For instance, you must try l-theanine! More on that later!

I started a new job in October! Although it has brought along a lot of stress and challenges, I can finally say that I have reached my career goal and am working as a “real” librarian! That’s something to celebrate!

Current Psych Meds: Latuda– trying to slightly decrease this med so I have the energy/motivation to run again, but it really has been a life-saver; Topamax– really great at taking away the extreme mood swings, and it doesn’t make me as cognitively impaired as I thought it did; Divalproex/Valproic Acid– I apologize to this lovely drug for bashing it in my previous entry. I got scared of the potential weight gain but really, this drug is amazing. There’s a reason that it’s a “first-liner” and can bring even highly manic people down from the highest highs- it’s works. I’m taking the smallest dose possible and it’s turning the volume down on the overstimulating world very nicely. (I’m not manic; this is an integration issue.) I’m no longer extremely irritable nor am I punching walls for no reason other than a loud motorcycle driving by, and lastly, Klonopin– I’ve almost weaned off this drug. It’s great for anxiety/panic but can be highly addictive.

That’s my quick update for now…

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