Merry Christmas to All

I just realized that I have abandoned this blog, charliebrowntreewhich is a thoughtless thing to do, especially coming from someone who has severe abandonment issues 😛

I hope everyone’s holiday season has been well. I find holidays difficult- family get-together trigger me, and I’m clearly reminded that I don’t have a life of my own, having to tag along to my sister’s Christmas celebrations. However, I tried to stay positive (thank you Wellbutrin!), focusing on making cookies for my co-workers and neighbors, sending Christmas cards, volunteering for the Christmas Kettle, watching many Christmas movies, and going on snow walks. I can’t say this was my best Christmas but it sure beats past ones…

Actually, I should be celebrating because three years ago I OD’d and spent Christmas, New Years and my birthday in the hospital, and I haven’t been hospitalized ever since then. I have come a LONG way in three years. My psychiatrist says I’m doing a marvelous job with recovery. It’s still extremely frustrating, two steps forward, one step back. Actually, it doesn’t even follow a consistent pattern like that. Sometimes I’ll leap ten steps forward, fall flat on my face, and be unable to function for several days- that’s more like it. But all and all, as the year comes to a close, I’m grateful for the progress I have made and my current stability.

I wish everyone peace and health in the New Year!

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